Marine Science Assignment (Amy Prendergast)

Assignment: Use GeoRef or Biological Abstracts to find an article on a topic such as global warming.

How to:

    1. Find these databases in the alphabetical list of databases on the Library homepage under "Articles, Indexes, Databases."
    2. Start a search using keywords.
    3. Pick an article that looks good from the results. Click on the the "complete record" link and find the descriptor/subject headings field.
    4. Choose an appropriate descriptor, then go back to Search, and use a descriptor to focus your search.
    5. Choose an available article from the results. To check if an article is available, if there is a “Link to” link, click it. Otherwise, click on “Check Full-text Journal List for availability.”
    6. Write a brief annotation, noting date of article, author affiliation if any, and any other relevant information. Indicate how available - full text, or in Library print or microform holdings.
    7. Search for a website on a Search engine like Google using the same descriptor/subject heading.
    8. Choose a website and write a brief summary or annotation.
    9. Compare the two with regard to authors (address or other biographical info, affiliation, qualifications), currency of publication/updating, and bibliography or other resource information given.