Psychology Assignment (Kathy Jones)

Assignment: Find an article on one of the topics listed below using the PsycINFO(EBSCO) database. Identify Subject Headings/Descriptors. Write a correct APA style citation for the article.

            eating disorders and body image
            interpersonal relations
            cognitive psychology and children
            social psychology
            personality and friendship
            forensic psychology

How to:

    1. Choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" from the University Library Homepage.
    2. Find PsycINFO under EBSCO or scroll down the alphabetical list of databases.
    3. Using your terms find a "Peer Reviewed Journal" article that is available in electronic full-text or on the shelves in the Library.
    4. Hint: You may have to "Check for Full Text;" jumping to another database to access the full text of your article. See Step Four of this Finding Articles webpage.
    5. Hint: You may have to "Check SOUTHcat Catalog for availability" in order to see if we have a print subscription to the journal and to identify its location in the library. See Step Five of this Finding Articles webpage.
    6. Fill in this form: Citation Information
    7. From this information create an APA style citation for the article. Hint: click on title of the article in PsycINFO; click on Save; choose APA format; click save again. Use the resulting citation as a starting point, but check to make sure of its accuracy. (It is not always accurate and you are liable for any discrepancies.)