Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work Assignment (Kathy Jones and Jan Sauer)

Assignment: Find an article on a research topic relevant to this course using the SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO) database. Identify relevant information. Write a correct APA style citation for the article. Optional: Use the same topic in Sage Journals Online. Compare/contrast the databases.

How to:

    1. Choose "Articles, Indexes, Databases" from the University Library Homepage.
    2. Find SocINDEX with Full Text under EBSCO or scroll down the alphabetical list of databases.
    3. Using your terms find a scholarly "peer reviewed" journal article that is available in electronic full-text online. Example of a database record.
    4. Fill in the revised form. (original form)
    5. From this information create an APA style citation for the article.

      Hint: Click on title of the article in SocINDEX with Full Text'; click on Save; choose APA format, brief citation; click save again. Use the resulting citation as a starting point, but check to make sure of its accuracy. (It is not always accurate and you are liable for any discrepancies.)

OPTIONAL: Do the same search using Sage Journals Online also on "Articles, Indexes, Databases" webpage. Make note and be prepared to discuss some of the similarities and difference between the two databases.