Library Research -- Essential Basic Concepts

Understanding Information:

  1. Library Jargon and Online Jargon--words like:Boolean, pdf, citation, database, truncation
  2. Library of Congress Classification System--general outline of how books are organized in academic libraries
  3. Newspapers vs Magazines vs Scholarly Journals--a chart of the differences among these periodicals
  4. Can you tell the difference? a book, journal, magazine, chapter--matching quiz
  5. Primary vs Secondary Sources--What are they and why is it important
  6. Information Cycle (Flash required)--the process of an event becoming "information"

This Library:

    1. Library Photo Tour
    2. Introduction to the USA Library

Starting Your Research:

  1. Understanding Your Assignment (This is the most important step. Here are the critical skills you need to know.)
  2. Assignment Calculator--setting a realistic time schedule (via U of Minn.)
  3. Research Paper, Getting Started
  4. Finding Books
  5. Video Tutorials on Using the Catalog to Find Books
  6. Finding Articles
  7. Research Guides for a Variety of Topics
  8. Writing Research Essays: A Guide For Students of All Nations by William Badke

Database Searching:

  1. Finding Articles in our Databases
  2. Ebsco Tutorials (PowerPoint)
  3. LexisNexis Research Help for specific topics like "economic crisis". See "boolean searching" for tips on how to search.

Printable Worksheet Aids

  1. Research Log Form in Word
  2. Research Strategy Worksheet(pdf)
  3. Library Research Profile Form

Documenting Sources/Plagiarism:

  1. EBSCO and InfoTrac--both have internal citation builders.
  2. KnightCite--Check the results carefully
  3. Landmark's Citation Machine--ditto. You, and you alone, are responsible for correct citations.
  4. Bedford/St. Martin Documentation
  5. What is Plagiarism?

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