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1st Floor--Print Stations



young woman in the pit pretending to print from one of the print stations

Just across from the Circulation Desk are the TRACcard Printer Stations.
When you print an article or webpage from a library computer you are required to give yourself a login and a password - choose anything you will remember. Your print job is sent to the two stations in the 'pit' across from the Circulation desk. When you are ready to collect your print job, put your TRACcard in the reader, highlight your login and enter your password to start the job. Each page will deduct 10¢ from your TRACcard.

Other things you need to know:
  • TRACcards are purchased at the Circulation Desk at a cost of 50¢ plus whatever amount you want to put on them.
  • They work as a debit card for printing and copying at 10¢ a page. You may use the TRACcard over and over, just adding dollars as you need to.
  • Print jobs will stay in the print queue for ONE hour or until printed.
  • These cards can also be used in the Biomedical Library.
  • If in doubt about printing ask for help.


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