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Shepard's for U.S. Supreme Court Cases

Shepard's for U.S. Supreme Court Cases in now available in LEXIS-NEXIS. You can access Shepard's through the main Legal Research page, by clicking on the option: Shepard's for U.S. Supreme Court. One will also have access within the Supreme Court case itself, via a link to Shepard's in the upper left corner of the document.

Lexis-Nexis describes it this way:

" Keeping track of precedent is a vital part of legal research. Shepard's Citation Service is one of the vital tools on which legal researchers rely to validate their citations and to locate additional authorities that support their arguments. Shepard's on Academic Universe lets you access one important component of Shepard's comprehensive coverage: United States Supreme Court decisions from 1789 to the present. Using Shepard's you will be able to:

In the Citation field, type the citation for a case. Example: 410 us 113

Shepard's For Validation (KWIC)
Click this option to limit your results to Subsequent Appellate History and those citing references that have editorial analysis or that were added within the most recent two months.

Shepard's For Research (FULL)
Click this option to perform more comprehensive legal research. The FULL format provides Prior History and Subsequent Appellate History as well as all citing references from cases, statutes, law reviews and periodicals, and other secondary sources. "

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