Selected Web sites for quick reference compiled by the USA Library Reference Department yellow pages for U.S. states
Area Decoder: provides current area, city and country codes
AT&T Directory: Personal or business phone numbers. Includes a reverse lookup by phone.
Canadian Postal Codes
FindLaw Lawyer Directory : Searchable directory of lawyers, law firms, government offices, and corporate law offices in the United States and Canada.
InfoSpace : Business and personal addresses, e-mail and phone numbers. Includes reverse lookup by phone numbers.
International White and Yellow Pages: also in German, French and Norwegian.
Internet Address Finder : White pages, yellow pages and e-mail addresses.
Reverse Phone Directory : Search by phone numbers, street addresses, or names. : Business addresses and phone numbers.
Switchboard : Personal and business addresses and phone numbers.
Telephone Directories on the Web: US and international.
USPS ZIP Code Lookup
White international. Zip codes, area codes and country codes can also be searched for here.
Yahoo People Search : Personal addresses, e-mail, and phone numbers onlyto top of page