Selected Web sites compiled by Amy Prendergast, Reference Librarian, Science and Technology Bibliographer

Chemical Data and Tables

Chemical Backgrounders : Information on hazardous chemicals from the National Safety Council.
Chemcyclopedia : ACS directory of commercial chemicals and producers.
Chemfinder : Searchable database of chemicals.
Chemical Synthesis Database : Access to chemical property and synthesis info for over 40,000 compounds.
Fisher Chemical Catalog : Includes a searchable index, prices, CAS Registry numbers and product specifications for chemicals.
International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology
knovel Critical Tables : Physical, solvent, and thermodynamic properties.
NIST Webbook : Thermochemical data, reaction thermochemistry data, infrared spectra and more for thousands of compounds.
Smithsonian Physical Tables
Vermont SIRI MSDS Collection : Searchable collection of Material Safety Data Sheets - safety information on chemicals.

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Spectra and Spectrometry

Spectral Data Base for Organic Compounds : Searchable collection of NMR and MS spectra.
Virtual Mass Spectrometry Laboratory : Interactive tool to teach mass spectrometry and "real-life" problem solving.
WebSpectra Problems in NMR and IR Spectroscopy


Chemistry Functions : Resources include a periodic table and a molar conversions calculator.
ChemSpider : Search engine providing access to chemical structures and their associated properties from a variety of sources.
Classic Organic Reactions : Illustrations of reactions, rules, syntheses, etc.
IUPAC Nomenclature in Organic Chemistry
PeriodiCity. Collection of links to periodic tables with a variety of formats.
Periodic Table of Videos : Periodic table with short videos illustrating each element.

Information Sites

American Chemical Society: Information on ACS programs and publications and links to other resources.
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table : An "online textbook."
CHEMINFO : A resource for finding and using chemical information on the Internet and elsewhere. : Includes free access to Beilstein Abstracts and Chemistry Preprint Server. Requires free membership.
Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments in the U.S.A. : A listing of academic departments.
E-print Network : Searchable gateway to preprint servers in fields of interest to the U.S. Dept. of Energy including chemistry, physics, and materials.
Information Retrieval in Chemistry WWW Server : Includes a comprehensive index of more than 60 disciplines and subdisciplines in chemistry.
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide : Classified list of links to organic chemistry information.
Wired Chemist : Includes an introduction to Chemistry, demos of lab techniques, NMR spectral data and more.