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Selected Web sites compiled by Amy Prendergast, Reference Librarian & Science and Technology Bibliographer

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Online Dictionaries

Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
The New Hacker's Dictionary : This is the online version, known as the Jargon File.
Webopedia : Browsable and searchable dictionary of computing terms. [Back to Top]

Professional Societies

ACM, The First Society in Computing
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
Association for Information Systems
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Home Page[Back to Top]

Programming Resources

Ada Information Clearinghouse
Cetus Links - Thousands of Links on Objects and Components
Programmer's Heaven
Pascal Programmer's Page
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Internet and E-mail Lists

CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
CMC Information Sources : Also known as the December list, this is an excellent source for information on the workings of the Internet.
Geektools : Tools for network administration, including route tracing and whois.

HTML Code Tutorial
Living Internet : Links to information on the history, design, and usage of the Internet.
NUA Internet Surveys : Internet trends and statistics.
Surf the Web: Decoding Error Messages [Back to Top]


SHAREWARE.COM : Excellent source for free and low-cost downloadable programs.
WinPlanet Windows Software Reviews and Downloads: Windows programs with reviews.
Tucows Downloads : Programs and reviews.
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Assorted Sites of Interest

An Atlas of Cyberspaces : Atlas of maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the Web, internet, etc.
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies : Resources arranged by topic. Includes a searchable index and some links to full text.
Computer Almanac : Collection of statistics related to computers and computer use.
Computer Science : Website from the University at Albany Libraries includes links to CS departments, bibliographies, databases, programming resources, and more. - Computing/Technology : A good site for general computing topics, software, and desktop publishing.
ISWorld : Resources for information systems technology and scholarship.
Microsoft Windows and Applications Shortcut Keys

Symantec Security Response : Antivirus and computer security information.
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