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General Resources

BallotWatch includes a state by state rundown of ballot issues
Campaign Network: from C-Span
EC: the Electoral College Web Zine: includes information on how states choose electors
Elections 2006: Huge listing of links from the University of Michigan Documents Center
New York Times 2006 Election Guide
Project Vote Smart
Skeleton Closet: "all the dirt on all the candidates"

Political Parties

Communist Party U.S.A.
The Democratic National Committee
Green Parties World Wide
Libertarian Party
Reform Party of the USA
Republican National Committee
Socialist Party USA

Campaign Finance

opensecrets.org: "the online source for money in politics data."
PoliticalMoneyLine: current information on candidate campaign finances.
U.S. Federal Election Commission: campaign laws and financial information about candidates, parties and PACs.

Statistics and Polls

PollingReport.com: an independent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion.

For more polling sites see Public Opinion Polls.

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