Selected Web Sites Complied by Jerry Wright, Reference Librarian, Humanities and Education Bibliographer

General Humanities and Pop Culture

Here are sites that are difficult to place under any single academic discipline. Popular culture sites, which may be a highly specialized aspect of the wider culture but may also be "interdisciplinary, can also be found here.

American 1950s
Americana Exchange: rare books
Biographical Dictionary
Booknotes: a Cyber Companion: This site is designed to complement the C-Span show of the same name. Complete transcripts of interviews are available as are audio and video sample of the program.
Book Reviews from H-Net: Book reviews from H-Net at Michigan State University on the social sciences and the humanities. Earliest review 1993.
Bulfinch's Mythology
English Server: "publishes over 20,000 texts in a range of humanities topics, including essays, fiction, journals, theory, drama and poetry." -- The English Server.
The Flying Inkpot: Arts/ Entertainment Review Magazine from Singapore: A popular culture directory from Singapore with links to movie reviews, 'zines, music, art, poetry, et al , sites
Great Books Index
Inkpot's Zine Scene: zines on popular culture. Select a category of popular culture, that is, comics, movies, etc. Remember to SCROLL DOWN in order to see the links to your selection.
Newspapers and Periodicals: the Library of Congress' list.
Perseus Digital Library: a "digital library of resources for studying the ancient world . . .: ancient texts and translations, philological tools, maps, . . . art catalogs, and secondary essays on topics like vase painting." -- Gregory R. Crane (ed.), the Perseus Project. to top of page

ESL or English as a Second Language

Dave's ESL Cafe: Resources for teachers and students of English as a Second Language.
English Language Center: University of South Alabama department site.
ESLgold: English Study and Learning Materials
Learning English on the Web
Overview of English Article Usage for Speakers of English as a Second Language to top of page


All Movie Guide: Searchable database. Can be searched by movie, person, keyword or plotline.
Internet Movie Database: Searchable database of more than 120,000 movies.
Movie Review Query Engine: Here are links to reviews from more than 60 sources, from Roger Ebert and the LA Times to the man or woman in chat groups.
Road Movies
Yale University Library Research Guide in Film Studies: finding film criticism. to top of page

Philosophy and Religion

For a guide to printed materials on this topic, see Philosophy.

Aesthetics On-line: searchable.
American Philosophical Association
Andrew Tannenbaum's Judaism and Jewish Resources: Serves as a gateway to Internet resources on Jewish studies.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet: Searchable but you can also browse by topics.
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 
Islam and Islamic Studies Resources
Philosophy Documentation Center
Philosophy Research Base
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Yahoo Philosophy: Can browse philosophy sites by topic. to top of page

Theater and Performing Arts

For a guide to printed materials on this topic, see Modern Drama Criticism.

Drama and Speech Communications Electronic Library  
Dramatists Play Service, Inc.: "Academic drama coaches and students will find the DPS site adequate in conjunction with Samuel French <>." Choice Magazine. Identify and order plays, link to plays in production.
Inter-Play: Indexes plays in anthologies and periodicals. Search author by last name first.
McCoy's Guide to Theatre and Performance Studies
Medieval Drama Links
Performing Arts Resources: selected by EducationIndex.
Sapphire Swan Dance Directory: links for "dance lovers and doers." -- CHOICE magazine
Small-Cast One-Act Guide Online
Theater Resources: Searchable, but links are also divided into categories.
Yahoo Theater: This is a searchable Web site with links to theater resources. to top of page


For a guide to printed materials on this topic, see Writing Papers.

American Center for Artists: new electronic journal with biography/autobiography as a focus. Includes an image gallery.
Inkspot: Writing-related resources, newsletter for writers.
International Writing Centers Association Page: WWW resources aimed primarily but not exclusively at writing teachers. There is a grammar hotline link.
OWL Online Writing Lab: Purdue University. Contains instructional handouts and links to other writing resources.
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant: Stresses the organization of papers conceptually rather than focusing on the odds and ends of grammar.
PEN: World writers organization. Advocate for freedom of expression.
Sequenced Microthemes
University Writing Center. From the University of South Alabama. "Not a proofreading service . . ., the consultants help the students learn techniques and strategies to improve their own writing skills."
Writing Argumentative Essays: Takes students through the steps required to write an effective argumentative essay. to top of page