For a guide to printed information in the library on this topic, see Mathematics & Statistics.


Calculus on the Web
Current Index to Statistics: free access through 2000
Data Analysis BriefBook: covers statistics, computing, analysis, and related fields
Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics: database of math articles with some links to facsimiles
EULER Project: European Libraries and Electronic Resources in Mathematical Sciences
Favorite Mathematical Constants: essays
Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Interactive Statistical Calculations Pages: links to pages that perform statistics, downloadable software and online books.
Internet Resources for the Mathematics Student: includes links to online courses, discussions of concepts and tools.
Math in Daily Life: an Annenberg/CPB exhibit
MathGuide: gateway to internet resources.
Mathematical Atlas: introduction to a variety of concepts; uses Mathematical Reviews' Classifications.
Mathematics Archives
Mathematics Information Servers
MathPages: search engine includes note taking tips and math tutorials.
Math Reference Tables
MathSciNet : Subscription. Available to USA faculty, staff and students only, on campus and remotely.
MegaMath: a project of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Parametric Estimating Handbook
Statistical Science Web: search engine and directory for web sites about statistics.
VassarStats: site for statistical computations
WebMath: everyday math, personal finances, unit conversions and general math.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics to top of page


American Mathematical Society
American Statistical Association
Association for Women in Mathematics
Australian Mathematical Society
Canadian Mathematical Society
European Mathematical Society
International Chinese Statistical Association
International Indian Statistical Association
International Mathematical Union
London Mathematical Society
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Royal Statistical Society
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

For more associations and societies, check out the Scholarly Societies Project.

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Biography and History

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics: the society's bulletin and the is available in pdf format.
Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Euclid's Elements: includes the Greek text, Sir Thomas Heath's translation and his commentary.
History of Mathematics: Includes biographical sketches
Mathematicians: biographies of African American mathematicians. From the Faces of Science project.
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
Mathematicians: African Americans in the Sciences: from the Faces of Science project.
Web Sites on the History of Mathematics: from the British Society for the History of top of page

Career Information

Career Opportunities for Majors in Math/Statistics Careers in Math and Statistics
Current Job Listings in Mathematics
Math & Statistics Web Sites: includes job listings and career planning information.
Occupational Outlook Handbook, Mathematicians
Occupational Outlook Handbook, Statisticians
StatsCareers: job site for statisticians and mathematiciansto top of page

Dictionaries,Encyclopedias & Tables

Encyclopedia of Fractal Tilings
Glossary of Statistical Terms
: requires Macromedia Flash
Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables : restricted to USA faculty, staff and students; on and off-campus
How Many? a Dictionary of Units of Measurement
Mathematical Programming Glossary
Math Reference Tables
Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
Smithsonian Physical Tables : restricted to USA faculty, staff and students; on and off-campus to top of page

Math and Art

Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science
Encyclopedia of Fractal Tilings
Math and Music
Math Art Gallery
Mathematics and Music
Teaching Mathematical Thinking Through Origami

Math Libraries

Cornell University Mathematics Library: includes a good set of links to other math resources on the Internet.
Mathematics Research Library: University of Washington.
Physics Mathematics Astronomy Library: University of Texas at Austin. to top of page

Online Journals, Books and Preprint Archives

For titles that the library has online subscriptions to, see SOUTHcat or Our Journal List. Also try ScienceDirect.

Algebraic Number Theory Archives
AMS Books Online: in pdf format
Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs
Directory of Mathematics Preprint and e-Print Servers
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics: articles available in tex, dvi, postscript and pdf.
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, articles available in dvi, pdf, and tex.
Electronic Library of Mathematics
GDZ Digital Library: the Mathematica section includes books, journals and specific articles.
Groups, Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive
History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Newsletter
Intute's E-journal Search Engines -- Mathematics: searches content of freely available math journals
Jahrbuch Project: Electronic Research Archive for Mathematics: 1868 - 1942.
Mathematics Preprints: from the University of Illinois. Includes K-theory and algebraic number theory.
Mathematics Virtual Library: Journals
MathNet.preprints: searchable and international in scope.
New York Journal of Mathematics: articles are available in pdf, postscript, dvi and hyperdvi.
NUMDAN: archives of mathematics journals published in France. Articles are in French. e-Print Archive: Math: From Los Alamos National Laboratory. This is an electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience. to top of page

Teaching Resources

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Newsletter
Mathematics Education: Assessment in Mathematics Teachingto top of page


Center for Geometry Analysis Numerics Graphics: includes preprints
Harmonic Analysis: includes conference dates, preprint links, journal links and TeX support.
Number Theory
Prime Pages: prime number research, records and resources.
Short Trig Course: designed for undergraduates.
Topology Atlas: includes preprints and abstracts to journal articles and to books.
Wavelet Page: preprints available online. to top of page