Selected Web Sites compiled by Debbie Cobb

Media Polls

ABC News Polling Unit: back to 1997
Associated Press/IPSOS Poll:  (back to 2003)
CBS News Polls: back to April 1998
CNN ALL POLITICS: back to April 2000
Fox News Polls:  back to 2005
Los Angeles Times Poll: back to 1992
New York Times: back to 1996. Registration required -- free of charge.
Time Magazine SRBI Poll: back to 1999
USA Today: back to October 1998
Washington Post: back to January 1997 to top of page

National Polls/ Academic and Non-Profit

Archives of the National Network of State Polls: contains over 350 state-level studies from 22 survey organizations in 19 states.
Gallup Organization: includes election information.
Harris Poll Online: provides polls since 1999.
Kaiser Polls: run by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this site provides assess to surveys about health and health-care issues.
National Opinion Research Center (NORC): specialized surveys on local, national, and international public opinion.
National Election Studies: NES guide to public opinion and electoral behavior.
Opinion-Pages: provides access to current editorials, letters to the editor,commentaries and columnists from newspapers from the US, Canada and a few other countries.
Pew Research Center: the People and the Press: studies attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues. independent resource on trends in American public opinion.
Polling the Nations:provides access to domestic and international polling data.
Public Agenda Online: information on the field of opinion research gathered from a variety of sources.
Public and Lobby Opinion on Legislative Issues
Public Opinion Database: maintained by the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina includes data from the knight Foundation Community Polls, stat epolls, Harris and Southern  Poll.
Questionbank: limited to the United Kingdom for surveys conducted from 1991 to the present. opinion data
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research: located at the Univ. of Connecticut. The largest library of public opinion data.
USA Polling Group: a multi-disciplinary survey research center specializing in telephone surveys.
World Public source of information and analysis on public opinion from around the world on international issues.
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Multinational and Foreign Polls

Afrobarometer: surveys of Africian opinions from more than a dozen nations are conducted by this non-partisan research project . 
AsiaBarometer: largest comparative survey in Asia.
Eurobarometer: website for the Public Opinion Analysis sector of the European Commission.
FOM: Public Opinion Foundation: conducts weekly polls.
Japanese Data Archive: public opinion questions and responses from Japan’s major survey research sources.
Latin American Database: established in 1969, the LAD at the Roper Center for Public Opinion archives public opinion surveys for Latin America.
Mansfield Asian Opinion Poll Database: offers opinion polls from major media organizations and other organizations in Japan and South Korea.
PRiMeR,Ltd.:  a full service opinion polling and research marketing consultancy.
World Values Survey:  conducted from 1981 to 2004, these  tables and graphs show survey results in the areas of religion, politics, economic and social life for selected countries of the four waves of the World Values Survey. to top of page

Public Opinion Associations

American Association for Public Opinion Research
Council of American Survey Research Organizations
European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
National Council on Public Polls
National Network of State Polls
World Association for Public Opinion Research to top of page