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General Sci/Tech

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science : Encyclopedia including astronomy, biography, chemistry, and physics.
Histories : Includes timelines on topics in physical science. : Searchable/browsable database containing biographical information on influential individuals in many fields of science.
National Academy Press Books : Includes full-text of over 2,500 National Academy Press books. FirstGov for Science : Portal for access to information provided by U.S. Government agencies.
Science Jobs : Includes a resume database and a searchable database of job postings.
"100 Best" Science/Technology Government Information Links : Chosen by the ACRL STS Government Information Committee.

Astronomy and Physics

American Institute of Physics : Click on AIP Journals to obtain free access to journals to which USA subscribes.
AstroWeb : Astronomy online resources sorted by category.
College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry : Hypertextbook for students taking college-level courses.
Earth and Moon Viewer : Real-time images of the earth and moon from various perspectives.
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia :
Fermilab Information Resources Department : Downloadable PDF and PostScript files of preprints and technical publications.
Fourmilab : Covers a wide range of science and technology interests - astronomy resources include several interesting programs.
Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature : Contemporary, searchable database of names used in our planetary system.
Help for Physics Students : Guide to available books as well as Internet sources useful to physics students.
HyperPhysics : Hyperlinked flowchart and indexed list of physics topics, includes exercises.
Institute of Physics : Click on Journals to obtain free access to journals to which USA subscribes.
The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page : Includes a searchable collection of article citations and abstracts, as well as links to astronomical data catalogs and data archives.
NASA Planetary Science Research Discoveries : Includes an archive of articles on planetary science.
Network Resources for Astronomers : Includes astronomical catalogs, databases, observatory archives, etc.
Parallax Project : Almost 60 years of parallax observations by the Allegheny Observatory. Searchable and browsable.
Physics Hypertextbook : Includes discussion, summary, problems, and resources for each topic.
Physics Internet Resources : Classified list of web resources and other publications. Includes search engine.
PhysicsWeb : Guide to physics resources on the internet, includes search engine.
PhysNet: A collection of links to university physics departments and research institutes worldwide.
PlanetQuest: The Search for Another Earth : NASA information on search for extra-solar planets.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey : Project to map one quarter of the entire sky, determining positions and absolute brightness of over 100 million celestial objects.
SPIRES HEP Database : Searchable database of high-energy physics related articles. e-Print archive : Archive of papers from the Los Alamos National Laboratory on physics, mathematics, nonlinear sciences and computer science.
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ASCE Home Page : Programs, conferences, and publications of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Chemical Engineering Progress Software Directory : Information on software for chemical engineers including links.
EEVL: The Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing : A UK source for web-based engineering information, including several bibliographic databases.
Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive : Circuit diagrams, data sheets, software, etc.
Encyclopedia Astronautica : Information on U.S., Soviet, Chinese, Japanese, and European astronautics, including biographies of all astronauts.
ENR's Top Ranked Firms : Engineering News-Record's top 500 design firms, 400 contractors, and 600 specialty contractors in searchable databases.
Paper Industry Page : Links to information on pulp, paper, and wood technology.
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Standards and Patents

IHS Global Engineering Documents : Searchable index of standards available from Information Handling Services, a commercial supplier.
Esp@cenet : Europe's Network of Patent Databases : Searchable indexes find records and abstracts for European and Japanese patents.
IP Mall : Information and links on patents and intellectual property
LSU Libraries: Patents and Trademarks : Includes links to other patent libraries, patent faqs, patent offices, and patent searching.
National Information Standards Organization (NISO) : Allows free downloads of standards in pdf files.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office : Includes order information and a link to a searchable bibliographic database of U.S. patents from 1976-1996. [Back to top]

Technical Reports

NTIS Library Search : Search for NTIS documents published since 1990..
NTRS: NASA Technical Reports Server : Search NTRS for NASA and Open Archives Initiative databases. [Back to top]


FEMA Tropical Storm Watch : Information about tropical storms emphasizing disaster management.
HazLit : A searchable bibliographic database for natural hazards information.
NOAA National Weather Service, Mobile, AL: Weather reports and advisories for the Southeast. Also sunrise and sunset and other almanac calculations.
SUPERTyphoon : Tropical storm plots and forecast tracks, plus satellite and radar images.
Weather Glossary for Storm Spotters - NWS, Norman, OK
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