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Recommendations for Creating Effective Library Assignments

Give us a copy of the assignment with recommended sources in advance and tell us a few other things:

Are they expected to use specific books for the assignment? If so, what are they?

Avoid sending entire classes to use a single volume or find a single journal article.

Be sure what you ask for is in the Library.

Use the correct terminology and exact titles:

Be mindful of the fact that the Library's resources are continually changing.

Do not assume that students have had prior experience in using the Library.

Don't do "scavenger hunts" that ask students to locate random facts.

Use assignments which:

Recall that the typical undergraduate's approach to research is not as:

Help students pace the assignment so they don't procrastinate.

Emphasize respect for library materials.

Be sure that students know why and how to cite information they find in the Library.

List some relevant resources available in the Library to get students started.

Visit the Library often to familiarize yourself with the changes, improvements, and new materials.

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