Academic Integrity @ USA

"As a community of students and scholars, The University strives to set and maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. All members of the university community are expected to exhibit honesty and competence in academic work. This responsibility can be met only through earnest and continuing good faith effort on the part of all students and faculty." The Lowdown, "Student Academic Conduct Policy"

Information for Students:

What is Plagiarism?

Student Academic Conduct Policy in the Lowdown (p. 15 of 20 pdf or p. 237 in print)

Using Turnitin to help you avoid the problem:

Documenting Sources

Where to go if you need more help with documentation

An Interactive Animated Tutorial from Acadia University's Vaughn Mem. Library (click restart button if it doesn't load the first time.)

Information for Faculty:

Plagiarism: What causes it? How to avoid it? How to detect it?

Using Turnitin in your class:

Get an Instructor Turnitin Account and help using it

Getting Started

Get Instructor User Guide in pdf

Faculty Workshops on Turnitin

Syllabus statement in html and in Word

WPA Statement on Best Practices in .pdf

PoynterOnline article about plagiarism in newspapers.

If you have a subscription to the NYT online, here's a link to another current article or in print: Hansen, Suzy."Dear Plagiarists: You Get What You Pay For." 22 Aug. 2004: sec. Book Review.

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