Use of Turnitin

Instructors should incorporate the following statement, which was approved by the University lawyer, in the syllabus of any course in which will be used. The instructor should provide clear guidance on how a written assignment must be submitted and the revision process using Turnitin feedback. The syllabus should also indicate for each assignment whether a penalty will be assessed and the nature of the penalty, if plagiarism is detected. Alternatively, instructions should be provided concerning the revision and resubmission process/policy.

Other suggestions of ways to teach proper citation of sources, and to prevent and detect plagiarism, may be found on a link on the University Library homepage.

Syllabus Statement

"The University of South Alabama is committed to the fundamental value of academic honesty. The student handbook, The Lowdown, defines plagiarism as one form of academic misconduct which is "subject to investigation and disciplinary action through appropriate university procedures." Plagiarism is using somebody else's ideas and/or words in your writing without correctly identifying the sources. As one resource for helping you avoid plagiarism, your written work in this class may be submitted to, or a similar detection method, for an evaluation of the originality of your ideas and proper use and attribution of sources. Assignments submitted to will be included as source documents in a restricted access database solely for the purpose of detecting possible plagiarism of such documents. As part of this process, you may be required to submit electronic as well as hard copies of your writing. By taking this course, you agree that all assignments may be subject to some form of originality review. A paper not submitted according to procedures and format set by the instructormay be penalized or may not be accepted at all."