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Places on the USA Campus:

Your professor should be the first person you go to when you are having a problem with an assignment in the course. Check for her/his office hours and make an appointment to discuss your problems. The more you get to know your professor and vice-versa, the better the chance that you will learn what she/he has to teach you. Avoiding your problems till the last minute is a recipe for educational disaster!

University Writing Center, Room 207 Alpha Hall East
Call for an appointment with a tutor (460-6480).

Online Writing Lab at USA

The Reference Desk at the University Library (2nd floor North) can help you devise a research strategy and teach you how to use the library resources and help you format your citations. The Instruction page has guides for finding information. The Topic Guides page will tell you the most important books, journals and webpages you can use in every subject/discipline. The librarians will answer your questions by email and by telephone(460-7025). You can even make an appointment with a reference librarian if you need individualized help.

Links to other Websites:

Purdue's Online Writing Lab -- an excellent site for all kinds of hints about writing.

Assignment Calculator--from the University of Minnesota will help you schedule the time you need to complete a paper or project.

Writing Research Essays: A Guide For International Students by William Badke