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Chemistry Scholarship Opportunities

The Chemistry Department has scholarship funds available for four different scholarships. The application deadline is on or before 5:00 p.m. on the first Friday in October.  Award presentations are made at the annual Mole Day Picnic, sponsored by ACS Student  Affiliates, on or around October 23rd.

Interested applicants should complete the application form, and provide a copy of their PAWS  transcript (unofficial, computer printout accepted). For additional information, contact the Chemistry Department at (251) 460-6181.

Students should review the requirements for each scholarship listed below carefully.  Assuming the requirements are met, applicants will be considered for all eligible awards. The determination will be made by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee.  The endowed scholarships are all one-time awards given annually, assuming the availability of funds exist. Students are encouraged to reapply each year.


Chemistry Department Scholarship

This scholarship is for Chemistry majors only. Awards will consist of $1,500 tuition credit to be distributed on an annual basis. The scholarship will support the award recipients through their fourth year, provided academic performance is maintained and availability of funds exist.

In order to qualify, students must:

1. be a Chemistry major beginning his/her sophomore year (post-CH 132) or junior year (post-CH 202), as determined by the Chemistry Department

2. have a minimum GPA of 3.0, overall and in Chemistry

3. be enrolled full-time, as determined by the University          


Williams-Phillips-Van Hook Endowed Scholarship 


This scholarship is for students in Chemistry or the College of Nursing who have completed or are currently enrolled in a Chemistry course, though preference will be given to Chemistry majors. Students should have a minimum GPA of 2.0.


If the applicant is in the College of Nursing, interviews for the scholarship will be conducted by the Chemistry Scholarship Committee. Selection will be based upon students' ability to articulate principles of Chemistry with particular emphasis on teaching, nursing, food, public information, and/or polymer chemistry.

Wierzbicki-Salter Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is for Chemistry majors only. Applicants must be a declared Chemistry major with sophomore standing or higher with an excellent academic record. Previous recipients are eligible for this same scholarship in subsequent years, assuming he/she meets the specified criteria.

T. G. Jackson Endowed Scholarship

This annual award is given in memory of long-time Chemistry professor, Dr. T. G. Jackson. Applicants must be a declared Chemistry major, with preference given to Health Pre-professional students. This is a one-time award given to a different student each year. 

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