Graduate Studies


The College of Arts and Sciences hosts a number of high-quality graduate programs offering Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Public Administration (M.P.A), Master of  Music (M.M.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.

Graduate Admissions

General information on admission to graduate programs is available from the Graduate School.  Many programs have specific graduate admissions requirements and deadlines; please consult the Admissions Office and the program you are interested in for details. 

Graduate Programs

The Master of Science degree in Biology is designed to provide qualified students the opportunity to further their knowledge in generalized and specialized areas of biology, as indicated by course offerings and research interests of the faculty. Thorough a cooperative agreement with the Department of Marine Sciences and the the Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, the Biology Department incorporates into its offerings areas of study leading to a concentration in Marine Biology.

M.S. in Biology Program Website


The Master of Arts degree in Communication is a broad-based degree program that integrates theoretical and research components of mass communication and organizational and rhetorical communication. The program is designed to prepare recent graduates and experienced professionals for doctoral studies, professional advancement, and personal enrichment.

M.A. in Communication Program Website


With concentrations in both creative writing and in literature, the Master of Arts degree program in English meets the needs of students pursuing the M.A. degree to further their career and creative goals, as well as those of students pursuing the M.A. degree as they work toward entering a Ph.D. program and a career in university teaching. The M.A. degree serves such career tracks as junior college or secondary-school teaching and writing or editing in the business or corporate community.

M.A. in English Program Website


The Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology is an interdisciplinary program that teaches students the biochemical and physiological processes resulting from the interaction between toxic compounds and the biosphere. Students learn how to identify, evaluate, test, and control air and water pollutants and toxic substances in preparation for work in industrial settings, or for pursuing a Ph.D. in Toxicology or related areas.

M.S. in Environmental Toxicology Program Website


The Master or Arts program in History offers a diverse and rigorous course of study in support of a wide range of career goals and personal aspirations. It features a talented and dedicated faculty with a distinguished record of scholarship, teaching, and professional service.  The program, which leads to the Master of Arts Degree in History, offers training in

research, writing, and teaching, as well as in skills essential to careers in museums, archives, and historic preservation. It also furnishes preparation for doctoral study in history and related fields.

M.A. in History Program Information


The Master of Science Program in marine sciences is designed to train and prepare superior students for a career in this field. The marine sciences program offers courses and opportunities for research in four main areas: biological, chemical, physical, and geological oceanography. Each MS student receives formal training in at least three of these disciplines while concentrating in a specific research area. Thus, the program is structured to develop the capacity for productive and innovative research, founded on a solid background of broad scientific knowledge.

M.S. Program in Marine Sciences Website


The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program in marine sciences is designed to provide formal course work and advanced research in marine sciences that produces significant, original contributions to knowledge. The Ph.D. degree is awarded to students who have reached and formally demonstrated a level of competence and accomplishment that enables them to pursue careers as marine science professionals. The Ph.D. degree confers eligibility for many positions in academia, industry, and government.

Ph.D. Program in Marine Sciences Website


The M.S. in Mathematics program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has been designed to meet the varied needs and goals of most students seeking advanced degrees in mathematics. The course of study accommodates students interested in traditional and modern mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

M.S. in Mathematics Program Website



The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program in the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is designed principally for present and future administrators and officers in government and other public related organizations.

M.P.A. Program Website


The Master of Science degree program in Psychology is designed to provide individuals with knowledge of current theories, principles, and methods in behavioral and brain sciences. The degree offers preparation for future work toward a doctoral degree, employment in a research setting or employment in a junior college teaching position. The Department of Psychology accepts applicants with an interest in one or more areas of concentration in the Experimental Psychology Program. The available areas of concentration include: Behavioral Statistics/Computational Modeling, Cognitive and Perceptual Processing, Psychophysiology, Social/Developmental Psychology, and College Teaching Preparation.

Psychology M.S. in Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program Website


The Combined Clinical & Counseling Psychology (CCP) Doctoral Program is an innovative doctoral psychology program that offers training in the areas of Clinical and Counseling Psychology leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. The CCP program is jointly administered by the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences as well as the Department of Professional Studies in the College of Education.

Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology Program Website


The Master of Arts Program in Sociology provides the student with training in advanced methods of sociological analysis and increased knowledge of specialized areas in sociology. The student may choose either the basic research track or the applied research track. The basic research track is designed to prepare students for admission to doctoral programs in sociology. The applied research track is designed for students whose current situations or immediate goals involve careers in teaching, government, industry, or social services. 

M.A. in Sociology Program Website


The Department of Music offers a Masters of Music Degree in any one of four concentrations: Music Education, Vocal Performance, Piano Performance, or Collaborative Keyboard. The Masters of Music degree program is approved by the National Association of Schools of Music, as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Students interested in this program may contact the Graduate Coordinator of Music, Dr. Jeannette Fresne, for additional information. 

Master's of Music Program Information


Graduate Certificate Program

The Gerontology Program offers an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Gerontology for students seeking further knowledge of the human lifecycle, aging, and relationships between generations.

Gerontology Program Website



Graduate Student Resources

In addition to the resources below, be sure to visit your individual graduate program webpages above for additional information.

Funding Opportunities

Most graduate programs at the University of South Alabama offer assistantships, and financial aid or graduate scholarships are available as well. The Graduate School offers further details.

The Graduate School at the University of South Alabama