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Mitchell College of Business
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Courses in Real Estate

The real estate classes are designed for a USA student pursuing a bachelor's degree. All requirements for the major in Finance must be completed. A student must have completed 60 hours of academic credit prior to enrollment in real estate.
A student enrolled in the USA real estate concentration receives two special benefits.

  • Combined instruction from instructors who are full-time professors and selected adjunct faculty from the real estate profession.
  • Course texts and content materials that combine academic with published material from leading international trade organizations. The student receives academic instruction, illustrations and problems that reflect the market applications.

The State of Alabama requires 60 clock hours (NOT ACADEMIC HOURS) of real estate education as one prerequisite for the sales exam.
The USA real estate classes are open only to students who complete the 60 academic hour prerequisites.
These classes are not open to the general public.



The following scholarships are available for real estate students. Awards are given in the spring and fall.

Aloyis Sonneborn
Endowed Scholarship

Alton R. III and Toni G. Brown
Endowed Assistance Fund in Real Estate

J. Gavin Bender of Bender Real Estate
Endowed Assistance Fund in Real Estate

White-Spunner and Associates, Inc.
Endowed Scholarship in Real Estate

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Directed Study Positions

Research projects are available and encouraged for interested students by the Center for Real Estate and Economic Development.
For all inquiries concerning scholarships and directed study positions, please contact the Center For Real Estate and Economic Development, Dr. Donald Epley @ 460.6735 or

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Why Study Real Estate?

  • Real estate accounts for nearly half of the privately owned wealth in the United States
  • It serves as collateral for home mortgages and other financial assets
  • Every business either owns or rents
  • It is frequently the largest part of the retirement assets for a typical family
  • Private investors want the knowledge for their own accounts
  • Professional trade groups in real estate require education as a prerequisite to full membership
  • All states require education prior to the application for a state real estate license to perform certain duties

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Career Opportunities

An undergraduate concentration in real estate is excellent preparation for a number of positions like the following:

Appraisers are needed to provide a professional estimate of value. These services are used by banks, state and federal government agencies, and private individuals.

Real estate brokers serve as employees or agents of clients. An agent may be employed by a buyer to locate a property, by a seller to locate a buyer, or by an owner to find tenants for a building.

A number of government agencies employ real estate specialists to assist with condemnation, foreclosures, community development, housing and taxation.

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