Student Spotlight Harrison Spruiell

Harrison Spruiell


My name is Harrison Spruiell and I am a senior majoring in finance in the Mitchell College of Business (MCOB).  I am originally from Shreveport, Louisiana but transferred to South from Paris Junior College in 2014.  I was initially drawn to South Alabama by the strong baseball program, which I have been a part of for the last two seasons and will continue to play in the spring. When I got to South I knew that I wanted to do something in the business field but wasn’t exactly sure what major to pursue.  I was able to sit down with my accounting professor, Mr. Foster, who helped me realize that finance was the best fit for me. 

In my time in the Mitchell College of Business I have taken classes that taught me skills and knowledge that I know I will use in a real world setting in the future.  In my opinion, the most rewarding of these classes was the Jaguar Investment Fund (JIF).  I was a member of the JIF in the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016.  The JIF taught me skills in finance like valuing stock and projecting future economic conditions, but most importantly how to work with a team in a business setting.  The course allowed students to share valuable ideas and make informed decisions.

Being a student athlete has been a very fulfilling part of my experience at South.  Although finding time to manage both baseball and academics can be difficult, South has provided me with opportunity to be successful at both.  When it comes time for my baseball career to end, I hope to use the skills I learned in the MCOB and from my coaches to be a part of the corporate side of a Major League Baseball team.  I am grateful for all that I’ve learned during my time at South, and I am confident I will be prepared to enter the professional world after graduation in May.

Go Jags


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