Transient Course Credit

Students enrolled in the Mitchell College of Business must receive prior approval from the MCOB Dean's Office before enrolling in any courses at another institution. Approval will not be granted for dual enrollment for any semester in which the requested course is taught at USA. If the course is a major requirement, prior approval of the Department Chair is also required.

Transient course approval may be granted on one of the following conditions:

  1. Students who are not residents of the area and who leave USA to return home for one or more semesters.
  2. Students who move to another area prior to completing all degree requirements but who have met the residency requirements for the Mitchell College of Business.
  3. Students who are scheduled to graduate and the course will not be offered at USA during the final term.

FAILURE TO OBTAIN PRIOR APPROVAL MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF TRANSFER CREDIT FOR THE COURSE WORK. The Transient Approval form may be downloaded from the MCOB website and forwarded to the Office of Student Services for consideration.