USA FMA Chapter Information

Chapter Officers (2015-2016)

President: Sean DeMattei
Vice President: Andrew Knapp
Treasurer: Pressly Weil
Secretary: William Smith

Superior Chapter Award (Awarded to fewer than 5% of chapters each year)

The Superior Chapter Award is a special honor for USA’s FMA chapter to have received so many years in a row. This award is only given to approximately 5% of student FMA chapters each year.

2014-2015 Academic Year (Justin Kendrick – President)
2013-2014 Academic Year   (Chelsea Pruett - President)
2012-2013 Academic Year  (Noah Roche -President)
2011-2012 Academic Year  (Joel Ponce -President)
2010-2011 Academic Year   (Brian Fiore -President)
2009-2010 Academic Year  (President Bo Javer)
2008-2009 Academic Year (President Bernard Mosely)
2007-2008 Academic Year (President Philip Perkins)
2006-2007 Academic Year (President Matt Hayes)
2004-2005 Academic Year (President Rinku Shah)

USA FMA Collegiate Fellows Award Recipients

Noah Roche (2012-2013) Douglaus Johnson (2008-2009)
Hussain Ahmed (2011-2012) Brenda McCleary (2005-2006)
Jennifer Barber (2001-2002) Megan Mohler (2009-2010 and 2010-20ll)
Andrew Brandt (2007-2008) Rachel Melvin (2010-2011)
Jessica Eagan (2005-2006) Jennifer Moore (2007-2008)
Zue Farmer (2009-2010 and 2010-2011) Bernard Moseby (2008-2009)
Brian Fiore (2010-2011) David Pate (2001-2002)
Brent Griffin (2007-2008) Joel Ponce (2010-2011 and 2011-2012)
Matt Hayes (2006-2007) Chelsea Pruett.(2011-2012)
Wendy Huyn (2008-2009) Courtney Sansmg (2010-2011)
Bo Javer (2009-2010) Rinku Shah (2004-2005)
Amy Jernigan (2006-2007) Meagan Williams (2008-2009 and 2009-2010)

FMA Honor Society Members

Saxon Deacon
Ingrid Hagen
Samantha Pollock

Nicholas King
Erin Rogers

Laura Henderson
Andrea Justiniano
Justin Knox
Candace Phillips
Noah Roche
Erin Rogers

Hussain Ahmed

Zue Farmer
Brian Fiore
Mary Joe Grady
Rachel Melvin
Leah Partridge
Anthony Pugh
Jalbuu Naimanjin 
Kathleen Nolan
Courtney Sansing 

Bo Javer
Douglaus Johnson
Patrick Miller
Pam Rhea 

Caitlin Collins
Jessica Gardner
Tricia Moore
Bernard Moseby
Tra Nguyen
Tadashi Ushiki
Cameron Whatley
Glenn Zuercher 

Lindsay Grizzle
Andrew Haiflich
Matt Hayes
Sara Long
Phillip Perkins
Jennifer Moore 

Brent Brown
Chuck Fulghum
Amy Jernigan 

Wesley Bowden
Hamilton Carrio
Sateria Dorsey
Brandon Francis
Sean Gleason
Eric Harris
Sushil Karki
Brenda McCleary
Thanuja Nakandala
Thi Nguyen
Brandon Trippe

Leann Bosarge
Brian Burt
Bradford Hardin
Corene Lewis
Amanda Mullins
Joseph Sikes
Julien Sormonte
Jered Tomlinson 

FMA Forum edition featuring USA Chapter

Outstanding Financial Executive Awards

Mr. Stephen Baker (Merrill Lynch) - 2015
Mr. Richard Yamarone (Bloomberg) - 2014
Mr. Carl Chaney (Hancock Bank) - 2013
Mr. Manny Estrada (International Shipholding) - 2012
Mr. Bruce Cold smith (Ameriprise) - 2011
Mr. Frank Kuppersmith (Northrop Grumman) - 2010
Mr. Jerry Broughton (Hancock Bank) - 2009
Mr. Harold Williamson (Wesco Welding Engineering Supply Co, Inc) - 2008
Mr. Mark Davidson (Cornerstone Investments) - 2007
Mr. John B. Saint (Mitchell Company) - 2004

Professional Honor Society

Ms. Caresse Fincher (Strategic Wealth Specialists) - 2015
Mr. James Torian III (Primerica) - 2014
Mr. Michael Ryan (Wells Fargo) - 2013
Mr. David Drake (International Shipholding) - 2012
MS. Jennifer Moore (Ameriprise) - 2011
Ms. Debra Collins (Hancock Bank) - 2010
Dr. Zhiyi (Fred) Wu (USA Assistant Professor ) - 2010
Mr. Greg Bowen (Wilkins Miller Wealth Management, LLC) - 2009
Mr. John Gage (Hancock Bank) - 2009
Ms. Janet Hayes (T. Leavell & Associates) - 2008
Mr. Mark Spivey (Regions Bank) - 2008
Dr. Ronald Crowe (USA Visiting Instructor) - 2007
Dr. Fred McKenna (USA Assistant Professor) - 2007
Mr. Lawrence (Larry) T. Hopkins (USA Instructor)- 2004
Mr. M. Paul Oberkirch (USA Adjunct Instructor) - 2004

Companies/Organizations Speaking at FMA meetings from 2006 onward

Advance Mortgage & Investments
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
AmSouth Bank 
Commonwealth National Bank
Cornerstone Investments 
Disney World 
First Community Bank
Hancock Bank 
Ingalls Shipbuilding
International Shipholding, Inc.
Junior Achievement 
Magnolia Mortgage, LLC 
Masland, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch 
Morgan Stanley 
New York Life Insurance 
Northrop Grumman
Northwestern Mutual
Quality Valve
Regions Bank 
Smith Barney 
Southern Capital Services, Inc.
State Farm Insurance
Strategic Wealth Specialists
Supreme Lending 
T. Leavell & Associates
Tressler Collins Financial Group
U.S. Navy / Austal 
Waffle House 
Wells Fargo
Wesco Welding Engineering Supply Co, Inc 
Whitney National Bank