Publix Business Account Information

Publix Business Account Card

  • Departments wishing to request a Publix Business Account Card for university-related use will do so through the USA Purchasing Department. The Publix Business Account Card Policy and Procedures can be accessed here.
  • All cards will be issued in the name of the individual departments. Requests for cards must be approved by the responsible Approving Authority who will have sole authority for designating internal departmental personnel usage for each card.

  • The responsible Approving Authority must sign the Publix Business Account Card Request Form for each requested card upon issuance. 
  • USA Purchasing will maintain an updated list of authorized account holders and associated information.

  • Departments will present their account card at time of store checkout.

  • Departments will process payment request via Direct Pay. Payment request must be accompanied by the original receipt(s) and a completed Food Use Documentation Form and forwarded to the Financial Affairs Business Office after obtaining all required departmental authorization signatures.

  • Accounts payable will pay payment requests upon receipt pending receipt and review of all required documentation.