Faculty Senate

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In the coming months, President Waldrop will meet with the faculty of each college collectively, answering questions in a town hall setting.

Town Hall Schedule By Date:

 July 29  Medicine - Medical Center  3:30pm
 July 30  Medicine  4:00pm
 August 11  Nursing  3:30pm
 August 15  Mitchell Cancer Institute  3:00pm
 August 18  Allied Health  4:00pm
 August 21  Engineering  3:30pm
 August 26  Computing  3:30pm
 September 18  Library  3:00pm
 September 19  Education  3:30pm
 September 24  Arts & Sciences  3:30pm
 September 25  Continuing Education  3:30pm
 October 20  Business  4:00pm


Speak to your faculty senators for locations

The Faculty Senate elected the 2014-2015 slate of officers.
  • President - Julie Estis
  • Vice-President - Kevin West
  • Secretary - Kelly Woodford
  • Past-President - Doug Marshall
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Dr. Tony G. Waldrop, recently-named university president, addressed the Faculty Senate at the April meeting.

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