Executive Committee

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▼   Officers
Officer Position Contact Information
Mathew Reichert President reichert@southalabama.edu
(251) 460-7430
Susan McCready Vice President smccread@southalabama.edu
(251) 461-1456
Trey Lemley Secretary lemley@southalabama.edu
(251) 460-6888
Elizabeth VandeeWaa Past President evandewaa@southalabama.edu
(251) 445-9454
▼   Committee Chairs
Chair Committee
Tracy O'Connor Academic Development & Monitoring
Tom Rich Ad Hoc Health Affairs
Gwendolyn Pennywel Evaluations
John Cleary Environmental Quality
Sarah Seyner Research and Creative Activities
Patricia Mark Salary and Benefits
Matt Campbell Technology Utilization
Juan Mata University Planning and Development
Mara Kozelsky University Policies Handbook