12:15 PM

WELCOME AND OPENING REMARKS / Steven Trout, University of South Alabama

12:30 PM

Moderator: Frye Gaillard, University of South Alabama

Becky McLaughlin (University of South Alabama)
“A New Way to Be Free?: Amputation, Live Burial, and the Captive Body of the Apotemnophile”

J. Kathryn Cook (University College London)
“‘Invisible Captivity’: Jean Rhys’s Quartet and the Prison of Captivity”

Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze (Northeastern University)
Daniel Deronda and Coercive Intimacy”

2:00 PM

Moderator: Bob Coleman, University of South Alabama

Cindy Ferrere (University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)
“Subverting the Bounds of Captivity in Henry Bibb’s, Sarah Wakefield’s, and Sarah Winnemucca’s Narratives”

Katherine Grandjean (Wellesley College)
“A History of Violence: Remembering the Captivity of Hannah Dustan”

Edward Robinson (California State-Fullerton)
“An African Narrative of Captivity: Lucy Terry, ‘Bars Fight,’ and the Developing Black Colonial Voice”

3:30 PM

Moderator: Zoya Kahn, University of South Alabama

Bonnie Hanson (University of Wyoming)
“Trauma, Convention, and Redemption:  Emma Donoghue’s Room

John Miles (University of Memphis)
“Susan Faludi’s Nightmare of Captivity: 9/11, Mary Rowlandson, and the Uneasy Straightjacket of Genre”

David Moberly (University of Minnesota)
“Mary Rowlandson, William Okeley, and the ‘Goodness of God’: The Transatlantic Migration of the Captivity Narrative”

5:00 PM

KEYNOTE ADDRESS @ USABC Performance Center
111 St. James Avenue

Michelle Burnham (Santa Clara University)
“Going Off the Map: The Geopolitics of Captivity from Cabeza de Vaca to Katniss Everdeen”

6:00 PM

RECEPTION @ Pinzone’s Italian Downtown
312 Fairhope Avenue



9:00 AM

Moderator: Justin St. Clair, University of South Alabama

Heidi LaVine (Westminster College)
“Filling the White Spaces in Black Caribbean History: Maryse Condé’s Acts of Historiographic Metafiction”

Laura Clapper (Indiana University)
“Diagnosing Nervous Conditions: Rethinking Captivity and Narrative Recovery of the Captive Subject”

Joshua Murray (Kent State University)
“‘The Thing that Bound and Suffocated Her’:  Psychological Captivity in Nella Larsen’s Passing

10:30 AM

Moderator: John Halbrooks, University of South Alabama

Jeanne Holland (University of Wyoming)
“The Captor Redeemed: Reinvigorating British Masculinity in E.M. Hull’s The Sheik

Jane Huber (Union Theological Seminary)
“Unfolding Song: An Analysis of HSA B2916, an 11th-Century Mozarabic Codex from the Hispanic Society of NY”

Omar Siddiqi (University of North Texas)
“Transcultural Fear and the Renegade in Early American Dramas of Barbary Captivity”

1:00 PM

Moderator: Ellen Harrington, University of South Alabama

Joy A.J. Howard (Saint Joseph’s University)
“Making Sense of the Pieces: Identity After the 1704 Deerfield Raid and Mohawk Captivity”

Elizabeth Thompson (Ohio University)
“Redeeming Male Captives: Maternal Love and White National Purity in Lydia Maria Child’s ‘Willie Wharton’”

Emily Wardrop (University of Oklahoma)
“Captivity, Authority, and Memory: The Stories of Mary Schwandt”

2:30 PM

Moderator: Sue Walker, University of South Alabama

Dan Collins (Nichols School, Buffalo, NY)

Joe Conway (University of Alabama-Huntsville)
“Bound by Sound: Poe and the Captivating Voice of Ideology”

Kandace Geldmeier (Syracuse University)
“Uterine Captivity: Motherhood, Stillbirth, and the Abject”

4:00 PM

Moderator: Cris Hollingsworth, University of South Alabama

Ethan Bumas (New Jersey City University)
“Time Undone: Tropes of Colonial Captivity Narratives in Contemporary Prison Writing”

Victoria Duncan (McMaster University)
“Seventeenth-Century English Prison Writing and Identity Formation”

Hussein Zamani (University of Isfahan)
“Irish Prison Writing and the Victorian Penitentiary”

5:30 PM

RECEPTION @ Tamara’s Downtown
104 North Section Street



9:00 AM

Moderator: Chris Raczkowski, University of South Alabama

Richard Bell (University of Maryland-College Park)
“On the Road to the Dismal Gulf:  Free Blacks’ Journey into Slavery”

Kristen Brill (University of Cambridge)
“The Enslaved Plantation Mistresses: The Rhetoric of Captivity in Women’s Civil War Narratives, 1861-1865”

Anne Matthews (Millikin University)
“‘To go back where I came from’: Wallace Turnage and Primo Levi’s Concept of Shame”

10:30 AM

Moderator: Julian Knox, University of South Alabama

Christopher Cowley (SUNY Buffalo) + Justin Litaker (Purdue University)
“Apparatuses of Capture:  Capitalism and the Primitive Accumulation of Debt”

Heather Hathaway (Marquette University)
“Ethnicity and Captivity in the United States:  Literary Responses to Japanese American Internment”

Steven Trout (University of South Alabama)
“Held Captive by a Narrative?: The Angel Fire Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the MIA/POW Issue”