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Purchasing Department
  • What is a bid?
  • A bid is a vendor's response to a solicitation by the University requesting offers to provide a specific good or service.
  • Does a vendor need to be pre-qualified to bid?
  • No. If you can provide the goods and/or services requested in the invitation to bid, you may bid on the specification.
  • How does a vendor become pre-qualified to bid, and how often does the vendor need to renew its pre-qualified status?
  • As stated above, a vendor does not need to be pre-qualified to bid. However, a vendor is encouraged to fill out a vendor application, which will allow the vendor to be added to USA 's database of vendors, which includes those commodities that the vendor is able to provide.

  • Does a vendor need to pay for bid specifications?
  • When required, you must provide us with cash, a cashier's check, certified check or money order.

  • Can bids be faxed?
  • Bids must be returned to the University in accordance with the instructions to bidders contained within the bid document.

  • Can vendors from outside the county or state make bids?
  • Yes, there are no restrictions regarding a vendor's location.

  • When are bids opened?
  • Bids are opened and read publicly at 10a.m. on the date indicated in the bid document. Bids received after the hour and date indicated for the bid opening will not be considered.

  • What disqualifies a bid?
  • You should read the specification document very carefully and follow all instructions. This is the best way to keep from having your bid disqualified. In general, bids can also be disqualified for being late or missing information and/or signatures. Please note that these reasons should not be considered all-inclusive.

  • What are the results of the bid opening?
  • These were available at the time of the bid opening, however no information can be provided during the review and evaluation process.

  • What was the previous price?
  • Information can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act process. However, bidders are encouraged to offer their best price without considering the previous price.

  • Who is the low bidder?
  • This information will be available after the contract is awarded.
  • When will the contract be awarded?
  • Bids are normally to be valid for 90 days after bid opening and a contract is to be awarded sometime during that period.

  • Do I need to bid through a DBE?
  • No.

  • Where do I find a DBE firm to use?
  • USA publishes and maintains a Disadvantaged Business Directory.

  • Who are approved DBE's?
  • Please contact the DBE department for a copy of the aforementioned Disadvantaged Business Directory.

  • If I'm a certified DBE with the City, then am I also certified with USA?
  • No. The company must be certified with USA
  • How do I fill out Schedules C and D?
  • Please follow the directions in the document or contact the DBE department should you need additional assistance.

  • How do I get my product approved?
  • Review and approval is handled by USA 's Technical Services or using departments.

  • How do I sell to USA?
  • We will send you a copy of the publication, "Doing Business With USA." We will also send you a vendor application, which you should complete and return to USA .

  • How many copies of the bid document are to be sent in?
  • One.
  • Which Procurement Administrator or Buyer is in charge of purchasing my commodity?
  • You should contact the specific person handling a specific procurement.

  • Please explain the difference between purchases over and under $10,000.00?
  • Purchases in excess of $10,000.00 are required to be publicly advertised for bid, whereas those of $10,000.00 or less in value are not required to be publicly advertised.

  • Is everything that USA purchases posted on the website?
  • No, generally only those purchases that are in excess of $10,000.00.

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