USA Faculty Senate Environmental Quality Committee

The Environmental Quality Committee represents the faculty in matters related to the physical environment. Its activities include, but are not limited to, recycling programs, overseeing the use of resources on campus, and construction initiatives. (Faculty Handbook, Chapter 2, page 38, 2003)

2004-2005 Members:

Vaughn Millner, EDUC (2006) (Chair)
Stephen Bru, Cont. Education (2006)
Robert Coleman, A&S (2006)
Natasha Delcoure, MCOB (2008)
April Dupree, A&S (2007)
Ed Harrison, MCOB (2008)
Elizabeth Manci, MED (2006)
Molokhia, Ehab MED 2007





2004-05 long term goals include the following:

• Provide a forum to educate the University community about the presence of rich environmental resources held by the University and facilitate environmental education efforts
• Minimize the adverse impact of the consumption of materials for the University for environmental and economic reasons
• Explore and facilitate the development of an environmental quality standing committee at the University
• Gather environmental performance indicators and report annually on the condition of the University’s environmental status (e.g., water quality of the lake; air quality; green space

Our short term- goals are to:

• Facilitate environmental education of the University community
• Explore the development of a comprehensive University recycling effort

2004-05 Final Report(.doc)



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