University Planning and Development Committee


The following is a summary of the topics discussed and their outcomes, if any, by Planning and Development during the 1996-97 year.

1. Grading System. Discussion was undertaken about adding C+ and B+ grading to the current system. Dr. Culpepper provided information from previous faculty surveys which showed conclusively that the faculty is not interested, at this time, in changing the grading system. The topic was not pursued further.

2. Honors Program. Dr. Lloyd approached the committee to consider creating a resolution for the initiation of an Honors Program. The committee supported her request and presented the issue to the senate. Instead of a vote on a resolution, a general vote was taken. The result was positive and a recommendation for consideration of an Honors Program into the undergraduate curriculum was made to the University Academic Affairs Committee.

3. Frozen Positions. Discussion was held pertaining to frozen faculty positions across campus. The number of committee members who were in departments with frozen positions was few. Because of the uncertainty about the imminent changes to be made with the semester system and, the possibility of having teaching assistants, this issue was tabled until after the semester change.

4. Campus Beautification. This issue was brought up early in the year. It was reported to the committee that various changes were being made around campus (e.g., Main Library, Administration Building). Because of other, more pressing budgetary concerns, this issue was tabled for the time being.

5. Public Radio.
Two issues were discussed pertaining to radio on campus. The first issue had to do with obtaining public radio and specifically NPR programming in Mobile. Through information obtained by J. Sauer, it was determined that the current public radio station was not interested in any imput. Further, the expense of starting and maintaining a public radio station at this time is prohibitive. The second issue had to do with the start of the student campus radio. J. Aucoin reported that this issue was being handled by the Dept. of Communication and they felt input/support from Faculty Senate was not needed at this time.

6. Day Care. Finding out the facts about the now defunct Day Care center on Campus was difficult. No one seemed to have the entire story. However, the committee did see a need for Day Care on Main Campus and at the two Hospital sites. A vote by the entire Senate was positive to pursue Day Care at all sites. The matter was presented to FAST for consideration. FAST decided that Day Care would be beneficial for the entire campus community and forwarded the issue to Auxiliary Enterprises for evaluation. FAST was in concurrence with the Senate that the University is not in the Day Care business but could possibly provide facilities and contract with an outside firm.

7. Pre-registration. Several committee members thought that with the change to the semester system it would be a good time to institute a pre-registration. It was stated that with pre-registration the problems with course availability especially for general studies might be alleviated. Pre-registration would help determine the number of sections for different classes that would be needed. This would relieve the noted difficulties students have in getting needed course work in a timely fashion. A question about pre-registration was added to the faculty survey. Currently the outcome is not known. This issue should carry over to next year.

Items to be pursued by the 1997/98 committee:
1. Day Care - while progress has been made in several avenues towards acquiring Day Care, this issue should be monitored by the committees Currently FAST Fringe Benefits, Auxiliary Services and the Dean of Students office has been attempting to resolve this.

2. Pre-registration - This issue remains unresolved . Essentially the faculty are in favor of having a pre-registration to address scheduling problems especially in entry level classes. Reportedly the Registrar's office is not disposed to this.

3. Wetlands - In the past, this committee was successful in having the University start to develop the wetlands located on campus. The status of this project needs to be investigated.

Paul Dagenais
Chair, Planning and Development Committee
Faculty Senate, 1996/97

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