USA Faculty Senate Planning & Development Committee

"This Committee represents the faculty in matters related to planning at the university level. Its activities include but are not limited to participation in the planning for academic programs and University facilities. It fulfills the function and performs the service of acting as a communication channel between the faculty and the administration in these matters." (Chapter 2, page 38, Faculty Handbook, 2003)

Doug Haywick, Chair, Arts & Sciences
Nick Aronson, Medicine
Ross Dickens, MCOB
Frank Donovan, Engineering
David Gray, Education
Randall Powell, Medicine
Charles Rodning, Medicine
John Sachs, Education

Final Report 2003-04

  • Faculty Club
  • Permanent space for Faculty Senate offices/ records
  • Explore future of library resource needs, faculty lines, program needs (i.e. are we really going to be at 15,000-17,000 students in 5 years, and what does that mean in terms of faculty resources; is there an ideal enrollment size? Can we/should we limit enrollments in the hope of improving the quality of our students and their education; can we do so and fulfill our mission?)
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