University Policies and Faculty Handbook Committee

"This Committee represents the faculty concerning all academic policies of a general nature. It functions as a communication channel between faculty and administration through the Academic Affairs Policy Committee. It shall further assist the administration in constructing the Faculty Handbook." (Chapter 2, page 38 Faculty Handbook, 2003)

2003-04 Members:

Roma Hanks, Chair, Arts & Sciences
Rebecca Giles, Education
Michelle Moreau-Johnson, Arts & Sciences
Marian Peters, Nursing
Bernie Quinn, Arts & Sciences
Justin Robertson, Library
Jean Temple, Nursing

Final Report-4/7/04


  • sabbatical policy implementation
  • hiring policies (tenure-track, minority recruitment)
  • use of adjuncts, part-time faculty and grad students in instruction
  • grade forgiveness?
  • monitor changes in policy and/or the handbook


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