USA Faculty Senate Technology Utilization Committee

"This Committee represents the faculty in matters related to the use of computing and other technological facilities. Its activities include but are not limited to on-line education, library and health care technology." (Chapter 2, page 38, Faculty Handbook, 2003)

2005-2006 Members

Sauer, Jan. LIB 2006 (Ch)
Brick, Steve, A&S, 2007
Britt, Kristy, A&S, 2008
Carnahan, Gary, MED.
King, Judy, MED, 2007
Pardue, J. Harold, CIS, 2006
Rattie, Irene, NURS, 2007
Swofford, James, MCOB, 2007



2005/06 Final Report (Word doc)

Current Issues:

Left Over Business:

Coordination of development opportunities
Online technology Forums
Uber page of Development Opportunities

New Business:
Faculty Forum Bulletin Board

"To access a restricted forum you must be member of the user group that is associated with that forum. Follow these steps to request member ship to a user group:
1) Create a user account if you do not already have one.
2) Log in to your account
3) Click the "User Groups" button. This will show you the groups of which you are and are not a member.
4) Under "Join a Group" select the group( Faculty Forum) that you want to join and click "View Information"
5) Click "Join Group"
This will send an email to the group moderator who will then accept or reject your request. You will be notified by email once this is done. If your request is accepted then you will be allowed to access the forum in question the next time you log in."

Technology Fair/Forum

Better co-ordination and publicity of faculty development sessions on technology —Faculty Fridays, PETAL (Program for the Enhancement of Teach- ing and Learning) seminars and workshops, Academic Computing classes, and others.

Web Usability Studies and Training(w/ Academic Computing Committee)


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