2010/2011 Faculty Senators


Jim Connors, Chair
Tom Meyer, Chair-Elect
David Turnipseed, Past Chair
Julie Estis, Secretary

Committee Chairs
Academic Development & Mentoring—
Phil Carr
Environmental QualityDoug Marshall
Evaluation—Patsy Turnipseed
Planning & DevelopmentJack Shelley-Tremblay
Salary & Fringe BenefitsElizabeth Adams
Technology UtilizationDiane Keasler
University Policies & Faculty HandbookSam Fisher

College of Allied Health Professions
Elizabeth Adams, Speech Pathology & Audiology
Julie Estis, Speech Pathology & Audiology
Coral Gubler-Hanna, Physical Therapy
Michael Spector, Biomedical Sciences,Caucus Leader

College of Arts & Sciences

Phil Carr, Sociology & Anthropology
Jim Connors, Earth Sciences
Genevieve Dardeau
, Communication
Sam Fisher, Political Science
Annemarie Guzy, English
Doug Haywick, Earth Sciences
Alan Hillman, Philosophy
Zohair (Mir) Husain
, Political Science/Criminal Justice
Brett Lunceford, Communication
Doug Marshall, Sociology & Anthropology
Laura Moore, Music
Sean Powers, Marine Sciences
Harry Roddy, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Thomas Shaw, Political Science, Caucus Leader
Jack Shelley-Tremblay, Psychology
Amiena Summerlin, Mathematics & Statistics
Kathryn Toelken, Communication

Mitchell College of Business
Ellen Madden,Accounting
Donna Retzlaff-Roberts,Management, Caucus Leader
David Turnipseed, Management

School of Computer & Information Sciences

David Feinstein

David Langan, Caucus Leader

School of Continuing Education & Special Programs
Amy Kingman, Developmental Studies

Vickie McCormick, English Language Center, Caucus Leader

College of Education
Kelly Byrd, Leadership & Teacher Education
Dennis Campbell, Leadership & Teacher Education, Caucus Leader
Gayle Davidson-Shivers, Professional Studies
Phil Norrell, Physical Education & Leisure Services
Patsy Turnipseed, Leadership & Teacher Education

College of Engineering

Mark Adams, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Francis Donovan, Mechanical Engineering
Husam Omar, Civil Engineering

Muriel Nero, University Library
Vera Finley, University Library, Caucus Leader
Trey Lemley, Biomedical Library

College of Medicine
Patrick Bosarge, Surgery
Kevin Green, Internal Medicine
Valentina Grishko, Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Andrea Kahn, Pathology
Anne-Marie Kaulfers, Pediatric Endocrinology
Mark Perry, Orthopaedics
Lyudmila Rachek, Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Botros Rizk, Obstetrics/Gynecology
George Rusyaniak, Neurosurgery

College of Nursing

Henri Brown, Community/Mental Health Nursing, Caucus Leader
Diane Keasler, Maternal/Child Health Nursing
Anita King, Community/Mental Health Nursing
Tom Meyer, Adult Health Nursing
Leigh Minchew, Maternal/Child Health Nursing
Kimberly Quiett, Adult Health Nursing


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