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Executive Nurse Administrator

The Executive Nurse Administrator Track prepares professional nurses to assume positions as Nurse Managers, Nurse Directors, Clinical Coordinators, and Executive Nurse Administrator positions. In this nurse administrator role, students have the opportunity to work with nurse managers, supervisors, and directors of nursing, department heads, and nurse executives in selected healthcare organizations, facilities and agencies. Graduates are eligible to seek national certification as Nurse Administrators (executive level) once they meet the work or consultation requirement outlined by the American Nurse Credentialing (ANCC) or the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Advanced administrative roles within the Executive Nurse Administrator Track include:
• Director of Nurses in a skilled facility, home health agency, outpatient clinics
• Department Director in specialty clinical or staff development programs
• Consultant
• Case Manager
• Program Planner
• Clinical Coordinator
• Supervisor
• Nurse Manager
• Chief Nurse Executive in hospitals, medical centers, health sciences centers

Nurse and Administrator
Administrative and management principles, leadership, strategic planning, system change, quality improvement, and a vision for healthcare management in urban, rural, underserved, and culturally diverse communities are characteristics of this advanced administrative practice role.
Online Curriculum

The executive nurse administrator track is completely online and is ideal for nurses in remote areas and for those who are bound by work and family obligations. The interactive online classroom provides opportunities for active learning, discussion, problem solving, debating, critical thinking, research, networking, and community building.

Note: Your ability to progress in the curriculum is dependent upon you following the schedule. For example, some courses are only taught once each year and many others have pre-requisites. If you are unable to enroll as projected, contact the graduate office for a revised schedule (251) 445-9410.


Orientation to the Executive Nurse Administrator Track

The Executive Nurse Administrator track focuses on the multifaceted roles of the nurse executive: leader, communicator, collaborator, scholar, manager, director, manager and change agent. Nurse Executives are responsible for building and maintaining American Nurses Association Nurse Administrator and American Organization of Nurse Executive competencies. This program is designed to provide advanced nursing education to students with varying levels of experience in management/leadership positions varying from no experience to top level executives. Clinical experience is tailored to meet the needs of the student.

Four core courses of the program are doctoral courses, providing a bridge to the DNP program and serving as underpinnings for the advanced nursing role. The track’s specialty courses include financial management (NU 565), human resource management (HSC 571), and Nursing Administration Theory and Concepts (NU 561), and (NU 539), introduction to nursing informatics. The students have the opportunity to complete nursing administration fieldwork and an internship, which reinforces the concepts and principles of nursing administration, management and leadership.

The student completes 500 hours of nursing administration field study and an internship within this track (180 hours spring and 240 hours summer semester. These field hours are associated with NU 567 and NU 568. These field hours are preceptor-based and are completed in the student’s home area. Student must identify preceptors who will guide their development within each of these courses. The preceptors must hold minimum preparation at the master’s level, preferably in nursing. All preceptor arrangements must be approved by faculty in advance of the semester in which the student enrolls in the field study and internship courses.

Negotiating health care agency contracts can be quite a lengthy process. Negotiations in the past have taken as long as 3 months, so students should start this process well in advance of registering for a clinical course. Students are responsible for assuring that the contract is fully operational PRIOR to starting any field hours. NO field study time can be spent in any facility where we do not have a clinical affiliation agreement.


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Executive nurse administrator students can contact Dr. Valerie Dearmon at or 251-445-9434 for specific questions regarding course planning, etc. Prior to contacting Dr. Dearmon, please review the course schedules below. There is no requirement for students to “be advised” prior to registration. Registration is accomplished online.

For information and help with setting up your graduate degree program contact the CON Office of Graduate studies:


Executive Nursing Administrator Curriculum

Executive Administrator Post BSN Track (MSN)
       • Condensed schedule of study - Fall Admission
       • Full-time schedule of study - Fall Admission
       • Full-time schedule of study - Spring Admission
       • Full-time schedule of study - Summer Admission
Executive Administrator Accelerated MSN Track
Executive Administrator RN to MSN for Associate/diploma RN’s
Executive Administrator RN to MSN for associate/diploma RN’s with a BS/BA degree in a non-nursing discipline

       • Fall admission schedule of study

       • Spring admission schedule of study

       • Summer admission schedule of study
Executive Administrator Post Graduate Certificate



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Nurse Educator Option

USA offers nurse educator classes to those students wishing to pursue a career in academia. These courses are a subspecialization that can be added onto your current degree plan. Please click this link to learn more:
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