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Williams, Kimberly, DNSc, APRN-BC
Vice Chair Community-Mental Health Nursing Department

DNSc 2004 Public Health Nursing University of Tennessee, Memphis
MSN 1999 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing University of South Alabama
BSN 1994 Nursing University of South Alabama

Williams, K. & Bydalek, K (2009, Sept/Oct). Self-mutilation: The cutting truth. American Nurse Today, 4(8), 29-32.

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Williams, K., Stotts, R., Jacob, S., Stegbauer, C., Roussell, L, Carter, D. (2006). Inactive Nurses: A source for alleviating the nursing shortage? Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA), 36(4), 205-210.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] & Hamilton, K., Bydalek, K., and Hannon, W [Co- Investigator] (2008 to present). SLICE Self Injury Assessment Tool.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] (2007). Professionalism, Caring, and Satisfaction: Recommendations for Recruitment and Retention.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] (2007). Factor Analysis of the Registered Nurses Satisfaction Survey.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] (2007). Good Works in Nursing.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] (2007). Registered Nurses Satisfaction Survey.

Williams, K. [Primary Investigator] (2006). The Comparison of Work Satisfaction of Active and Inactive Registered Nurses with Implications for Retention and Return to the workforce.

Courses Teaching:
CMN 548
CMN 549
CMN 551
CMN 553
CMN 554
CMN 555
CMN 556
CMN 557

APNA, 1999 to present
Sigma Theta Tau, 1999 to present
ANA, 1997 - to present
ASNA, 2009 to present
MNA SPIG, 1997-2009
AANP, 2005 - 2008
APNA, 2000 - to present

Honors and Rewards :
Sigma Theta Tau Excellence in Nursing Research 5/4/2007
University of South Alabama College of Nursing Faculty Scholarship Award 12/8/2006
Advanced Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Specialty Excellence in Practice 12/4/1999

Other Activities:
Nurse Practitioner

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