Officers & Advisors

Chapter Officers
Holly Taylor Holly Taylor
Biomedical Sciences
Kevin Aria Kevin Aria
Vice President
Biomedical Sciences/Philosophy
Rohan Ghosh Rohan Ghosh
Biomedical Sciences
Juan Pardo Juan Pardo
Biomedical Sciences/Finance
Allyson Heng

Allyson Heng

Biomedical Sciences
Chapter Chairs
Samantha Lee

Samantha Lee
Flowers Co-Chair

Biomedical Sciences
Forrest Edhegard Forrest Edhegard
Flowers Co-Chair
Chemistry/Biomedical Sciences
Ross McDonald Ross McDonald 
T-Shirts Chair
Biomedical Sciences
Gabi Vargas Gabriela Vargas-Uribe 
Social Media Chair
Marketing (International Business)
Angela McGaugh Angela McGaugh
Membership Chair
Biomedical Sciences/Mathematics
Chapter Advisors
Sally Steadman Dr. Sally Steadman
College of Engineering
National Board Member
(251) 460-6174
Dennis Fell

Dr. Dennis Fell
Chair of Physical Therapy
Former Chapter President

(251) 445-9330
Robert Coleman Dr. Robert Coleman
Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences
(251) 460-6280
Alan Chow Dr. Alan Chow
Assistant Professor of Management
(251) 460-6903