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Charles Brown, Ph.D.

PH.D., Michigan State University
M.S., Michigan State University
B.S., Western Michigan University

Office: UCOM 1016
Phone: 251.460.6372

Discipline: Psychobiology
Others: Sensation/Perception, Comparative/Evolutionary Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests


I am currently conducting comparative studies on the mechanics of sound production in primates. This work is focused on the evolution of speech and on developing better models of voice disorders. I also conduct research on the development of instructional methods for the teaching of psychology. I am currently collaboraing with investigators at the University of Iowa, Princeton University, and the University of Utah.


Undergraduate Psychology Majors interested in graduate or professional studies are encouraged to become involved in research during their Sophmore or Junior Years, and to consider the possibility of conducting a Senior Honors Thesis. Research experience in psychobiology is appropriate for students interested in a career in the medical professions, as well as for students interested in pursuing graduate study in Psychology.

Selected Publications


Riede, T., & Brown, C.H. (2008). The functional morphology of the mammalian vocal fold as a sound source. Biological Reviews (submitted).

Charles H. Brown, Michael Gordon, Michelle Becker & Fariborz Alipour. The case for biomechanical lateralization in the squirrel monkey larynx. Presented before the XXII Congress of the International Primatological Society. Edinburgh, Scotland, August, 2008.

Chandramouli Chandrasekaran, Hjalmar K. Turesson, Charles H. Brown & Asif A. Ghazanfar. Beyond 1/f: natural acoustic scene analysis in primary auditory cortex. To be presented at Computational and Systems Neuroscience 2009, Salt Lake, February, 2009.

Larry C. Christensen & Charles H. Brown. Academic Success, Student Retention, and Educational Technology. To be presented at the South Eastern Psychological Association, New Orleans, March, 2009.

Classes Taught

  • PSY 120 - Introductory Psychology
  • PSY 428 - Perception
  • PSY 475 - Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology
  • PSY 310 - Biological Psychology 1
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