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Phillip N. Smith, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2009, Clinical Psychology
M.A., Texas Tech University, 2006, Psychology
M.S., Villanova Univversity, 2003, Psychology
B.A., Gettysberg College, 2001, Psychology

Office: UCOM 1102
Phone: 251-460-6690

Lab Phone: 251-460-6690
Fax: 251-460-6320

Discipline: Clinical Psychology

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

The Suicidal Behaviors Research (SBR) Group at the University of South Alabama, under the direction of Phillip N. Smith, Ph.D., is dedicated to understanding the etiology of suicidal thoughts and behaviors and exploring novel interventions to prevent suicide in previously unexamined groups. To this end, we attend to the developmental nature of suicide and strive to utilize diverse methodologies to understand the psychosocial processes that lead to suicide and that may serve as points of intervention. We are collegial, collaborative, and dedicated to dissemination of findings and securing of financial support to conduct this work.

Selected Publications

Wolford-Clevenger, C. & Smith, P.N. (in press). A Theory-Based Approach to
Understanding Suicide Risk in Shelter-Seeking Women.
Trauma, Violence, & Abuse.

Smith, P.N., Selwyn, C., Wolford-Clevenger, C., & Mandracchia, J.T.
(2014). Psychopathic personality traits, suicide ideation, and suicide
attempts in male prison inmates. Criminal Justice & Behavior, 41, 364-379.

Smith, P.N., Wolford-Clevenger, C., Mandracchia, J.T., & Jahn, D.R.
(2013). An exploratory factor analysis of the acquired capability for
suicide scale in male prison inmates. Psychological Services, 10, 97-105.
doi: 10.1037/a0030817.

Witte, T.K., Gordon, K.H., Smith, P.N., & Van Orden, K.A. (2012).
Stoicism and sensation seeking: Male vulnerabilities for the acquired
capability for suicide. Journal of Research in Personality, 46, 384-392.
doi: 10.1016/j.jrp.2012.03.004

Cort, N. A., Gamble, S. A., Smith, P. N., Chaudron, L., Lu, N., He, H., &
Talbot, N. L. (2012). Predictors of treatment outcomes among depressed
women with childhood sexual abuse histories. Depression & Anxiety, 29,
479-486. doi: 10.1002/da.21942

Smith, P.N., Gamble, S.A., Cort, N.A., Ward, E., Conwell, Y., & Talbot,
N.L. (2012). The Relationships of attachment style and social
maladjustment to death ideation in depressed women with a history of
childhood sexual abuse. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 68, 78-87.
doi: 10.1002/jclp.20852.

Smith, P.N., Gamble, S.A., Cort, N. A., Ward, E., He, H., & Talbot, N.L.
(2012). Attachment and alliance in the treatment of depressed, sexually
abused women. Depression & Anxiety, 29, 123-130. doi:

Gamble, S.A., Smith, P.N., Poleshuck, E.L., He, H., & Talbot, N.L.,
(2011). Domain-specific social functioning improvements during treatment
of depressed women with histories of childhood sexual abuse.
Journal of Affective Disorders, 130, 478-482. doi:

Cukrowicz, K.C., Schlegel, E.F., Smith, P.N., Jacobs, M.P., Van Orden,
K.A., Pettit, J.A., Paukert, A.L, & Joiner, T.E. (2011). Suicide ideation
among college students evidencing subclinical depression.
Journal of American College Health, 59, 575-581.

Smith, P.N., Poindexter, E., & Cukrowicz, K.C. (2010). The effect of
participating in suicide research: Does participating in a research
protocol on suicide and psychiatric symptoms increase suicide ideation and
attempts? Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior, 40, 535-543. doi:

Smith, P.N., Cukrowicz, K.C., Poindexter, E.K., Hobson, V., & Cohen, L.M.
(2010). The acquired capability for suicide: A comparison of suicide
attempters, suicide ideators, and non-suicidal controls.
Depression & Anxiety, 27, 871-877. doi: 10.1002/da.20701.

Smith, P. N., & Cukrowicz, K.C. (2010). Capable of suicide: A functional
model of the acquired ability to enact lethal self-injury.
Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior, 40, 266-275.


Classes Taught

  • PSY340-Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY530-Introduction to Applied Psychology & Diagnostic Interviewing
  • PSY556-Practicum in Psychotherapy CCP756-Advanced Practicum in
  • Psychotherapy & Assessment CCP790-Seminar on Suicide: Risk Assessment &
    Clinical Interventions
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