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Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology

The Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education are pleased to announce a new doctoral program in Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology. It is a full-time, day class program that will begin in the Fall semester of 2009.

The Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology program will graduate doctorates trained to provide the most effective types of psychological care for individuals and communities. These doctorates will have a set of competencies that will also enable them to work successfully with a variety of professionals for the purposes of health promotion and to treat mental disorders. Our graduates might be employed to do research in community agencies, health organizations, schools, and industry (pharmaceutical, etc) as well as in traditional academic settings. They will combine an asset-strength model from Counseling Psychology with a health psychology/wellness model from Clinical Psychology. Graduates will be comfortable providing care in a variety of settings including medical, traditional mental health or counseling, school, and community. Such care would include direct service to individuals and the management of psychological services for individuals and groups using evidence-based interventions.

Program Admissions Requirements

Students will be admitted to start the full-time, day class program in the Fall Semester of 2009. No spring or summer admissions will be accepted.

Applications to the Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology (CCP) Graduate Program should be completed by January 15, 2009 for admission for the following fall. In addition to the Graduate School application form and required supporting documentation, the Doctoral Program in Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology will require submission of a program application form, a statement of purpose, and three letters of academic recommendation. In addition to meeting graduate school requirements for regular admission, applicants to the Combined Clinical and Counseling Psychology graduate program must meet the following criteria:

a. Summed score of 1100 or better on the verbal and quantitative subtests of the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination will be expected.

b. Completion of an advanced degree (Master of Science/Arts) in psychology, counseling, counselor education, or a similar program from an accredited institution.

c. Submission of one or two representative work samples of current skills (e.g., test reports, counseling summaries, research reports, publications, etc.).

Required Psychological Foundations

Students must complete graduate course work and demonstrate competency in the following foundation areas. These courses will typically be completed in the student's Master's degree course of study, but once admitted, deficiencies can be addressed in the doctoral program of study. Larger number of deficiences will reduce the likelihood of admission or will extend time to complete the Ph.D.

Psychological Measurement

Psychoeducational Assessment

Personality Assessment

Individual Intelligence/Cognitive Assessment

Psychological Interventions

Individual and Group Counseling Techniques

Cognitive Behavior Interventions

Biological Aspects of Behavior


Cognitive and Affective Aspects of Behavior

Learning and Cognition

Personality Theories

Social Aspects of Behavior

Multicultural Psychology

Life Span Development

Research Methodology and Data Analysis

Inferential Statistics/Research Methodology

Applied Research Methods

History and Systems of Psychology

History of Psychology

Vocational and Career Development

Group Work and Organizational Behavior

Applicants should submit the following materials by January 15, 2009 to:

Office of Admissions

Meisler Hall, Suite 2500

Univeristy of South Alabama

Mobile, AL 36688

_ Official GRE scores

_ All undergraduate and graduate academic transcripts

_ Statement of Purpose

_ Three letters of academic recommendation

_ Psychology Doctoral Program Application Form

_ Graduate School Application Form

_ Those interested in applying for a graduate assistantship should also submit agraduate assistantship application form.

If you have any questions about this program or would like additional information, we encourage you to contact us using the information the homepage.

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