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Dr. Larry Christensen, Chair Depression, Diet & Mental Health 251-460-6371
Dr. Charles Brown Perception, Comparative, Communication 251-460-6371
Dr. Joseph Currier Trauma, Grief and Bereavement, Military Veterans, Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, Psychotherapy 251-460-7819
Dr. Joshua Foster Social Psychology, Personality, Relationships 251-460-6548
Dr. Ben Hill Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology 251-460-6371
Dr. Elise Labbe'-Coldsmith Clinical Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, Health & Sports Psychology, Psychology of Spirituality and Religion 251-460-7149
Dr. Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling Juvenile & Family Violence, Relationships, Clinical Psychology 251-460-6371
Dr. Martin L. Rohling Neuropsychology, Clinical Psychology 251-460-6371
Dr. Jack Shelley-Tremblay Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychophysiology 251-460-6883
Dr. Lisa Turner Developmental, Juvenile & Family Violence 251-460-6371
Dr. Mark Yates Cognitive Psychology 251-460-7872
Dr. Kim Zlomke Clinical Psychology, Clinical Child/Pediatric Psychology 251-460-6371
Dr. Laura Powell Distance Education, Teaching of Psychology 251-460-6371
Dr. Timothy Slattery Visual cognition, language, lexical procession, vision, eye movements 251-460-6371
Dr. Phillip N. Smith Suicide, Interpersonal Theory of Suicide, Depression, & Trauma 251-460-6371
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