USA Anthropology

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Please visit this page for a complete listing of courses available with full descriptions and credits listed.

AN 100* Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
AN 101* Introduction to Archaeology
AN 200 Language and Culture
AN 210* Physical Anthropology
AN 290 Special Topics
AN 305 Archaeological Method and Theory
AN 313 New World Archaeology
AN 335 Field Work in Archaeology
AN 340 Native American Cultures
AN 342 Applied Anthropology
AN 344 Southeast Asian Cultures and Societies
AN 347 Latin American Cultures and Societies
AN 355 Gender and Anthropology
AN 356 Kinship and Social Organization
AN 357 Political Anthropology
AN 358 Economic Anthropology
AN 394 Directed Studies
AN 426 Social and Cultural Change
AN 430 Forensic Anthropology
AN 435 Museum Methods in Archaeology
AN 440 Advanced Archaeological Field Methods
AN 442 Cultural Resource Management
AN 454* Anthropological Theory (W)
AN 456 Health and Culture (W)
AN 458 Ethnological Research Methods
AN 490 Special Topics
AN 492 Senior Seminar
AN 496 Anthropology Internship
AN 498 Senior Thesis
AN 499 Honors Senior Thesis

* required of majors

Directed Studies: Both majors and minors can customize their study of Anthropology by participating in directed studies under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member. All faculty are potentially available to work with you depending on your area of interest. These courses generally involve in-depth readings and research in a particular anthropological topic such as lithic analysis, foresic anthropology, and many other areas.

Internships: Internship opportunities provide the student with practical hands-on experience that involves 90 hours of unpaid work with a selected organization, institute, or company. Our students have interned with the Center for Archaeological Studies, the Museum of Mobile, USS Alabama Battleship Park, and and other places. Internships are arranged by a student working with a faculty member and are intended for juniors and seniors. Upon completion of the work the student will compose a paper detailing his or her activities or other educational aspects of the project. The objectives and guidelines for the paper will be set by the faculty member who arranged the internship.