an-thro-po-lo-gy (n.)
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The study of humankind across time and space, generally characterized by involvement in fieldwork in one of four subfields: archaeology, cultural, linguistic, or physical. Anthropologists have been known to engage in a wide variety of activities...

Anthropology is a diverse and fascinating field. It is rich and complex, and it can encompass practically the entire human experience. You never know where it will take you.


Welcome to the Anthropology program at the University of South Alabama. Please allow me to give you a very brief guided tour of our website. From here you can find out more about Anthropology in general, and also specifically about our program here at South. There is more information about our very active Anthropology Club on Facebook, and also about our talented Faculty and Staff. One can view a sampler of courses available, and find out more about Volunteering, Interning, and Majoring and Minoring in Anthropology.

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