USA Anthropology

The Anthropology Program at USA
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We offer a variety of classes which allow students to increase their understanding of all of the subfields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and physical anthropology.

You might find yourself studying the lives of women in rural Turkey, peasant economies of South America, the process by which new languages are created, the subtle differences in body language from one culture to the next, the major trends in hominid evolution, the principals underlying human genetic variation, the lifeways of the people who once inhabited the Gulf Coast, or the techniques that ancient peoples used to create stone tools and pottery. With such diversity, each day promises to challenge you to explore, discover and understand the world around you in new ways.
If you are interested in majoring in anthropology, the University of South Alabama offers a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. We also offer a minor for students majoring in other disciplines.

All students will be able to take advantage of the valuable resources for students studying Anthropology at USA including the Center for Archaeological Studies, the Physical Anthropology Lab, and the Alfred and Lucile Delchamps Archaeology Building.

The result is a strong foundation in the field of anthropology which will enable you to embark on a lifetime of exploration, discovery, and understanding.