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2Blended Courses: New Fall 20101 Nicole T. Carr, Ph.D.
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I came to South Alabama after completing my Ph.D. at LSU, and still love LSU football- GEAUX TIGERS! My research focuses generally on inequality, particularly as it relates to gender and crime. Together with Dr. Hanks, I continue to study life histories of women involved in crime through interviews taken at Mobile Metro Jail. Using their narratives, we are developing more specific explanations about how the life course alters access and availability of crime and deviance for women. I also enjoy collaborative research teams; I find that interdisciplinary work improves my sociological skills and provides me with new ways of thinking about problems and creative approaches to addressing them.

Teaching is great fun, and something I believe should be done in the classroom, in research settings, and in the general community. Including students to research, or helping students to turn their own work into professional presentations or publishable manuscripts, is something I really enjoy.

I teach many courses in the department, some each year and some every other year. My favorites include introduction to sociology, gender, applied sociology, and deviance and social control. The applied sociology course is offered online and the introductory course will be offered as a hybrid for the first time in Fall 2010.

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