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This was an excellent year for the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. Faculty continued the departmental tradition of high productivity, excellence in teaching and involvement of students in research and community-based service.

Publications included seven (7) peer reviewed journal articles and four (4) more in press; Six (6) peer reviewed book chapters and one (1) more in press; two (2) books; and six (6) non peer reviewed publications.  Dr. David Gartman’s book, Culture, class, and critical theory: Between Bourdieu and the Frankfurt School, was published by Routledge in 2012. Dr. Mark Moberg’s book, Engaging anthropological theory:  A social and political history, was published by Rutledge in 2013. Dr. Moberg also edited two multi-issue volumes of Human Organization during this reporting period. In addition, faculty members produced four (4) abstracts and one (1) other exhibition and gave forty-four (44) professional presentations.

The faculty continues to be successful in securing external funding for research. Twenty grants/contracts were awarded to faculty in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work this year and fourteen (14) grants/contracts remained active from previous award periods.

The Department has an outstanding record of community service and community-based research.  Community service involving academic expertise was reported on twenty-seven (27) projects; thirty-two (32) students were involved in faculty-led research; and non-academic service was reported for an additional fifteen (15) organizations in the community.  Faculty participated in sixteen (16) conference events in the Mobile area.

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