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Goals and Requirements for the Major in Sociology

The goals for the major are to teach the student core sociological principles, to expose the student to a range of sociological topics, to provide a grounding in research techniques, and prepare the student for graduate training or an applied career. To graduate with a major in sociology, a student must meet university and College of Arts and Sciences requirements (including having a minor or second major in another discipline). A student must also complete a minimum of 35 semester hours in sociology, including SY 109, SY 376, SY 381, and SY 382. In addition, all sociology majors are required to take AN 100 or 101, and ST 210. At least 17 of the 35 SY semester hours required for a major must be taken in upper division courses (300 - 400 level). A student may declare a sociology major in the departmental office (HUMB 34).

Sociology majors are encouraged to take SY 381 and ST 210 in the fall of their sophomore or junior year. SY 376 and SY 382 should be taken in the spring of the same year. Other courses may be taken as the student's interests dictate. Generally, lower-level courses are directed toward freshmen and sophomores, while upper-level courses are directed toward juniors and seniors.

Check sheet for Sociology Major:
Core Courses (14 hours): SY 109, SY 376, SY 381, SY 382
Two Upper-level Courses (6 hours at the 300- or 400-level)
Five Courses at any level (15 hours, no more than 6 hours of directed studies)
AN 100 or AN 101
ST 210
Goals and Requirements for the Minor in Sociology
The goals for the minor are to help the student think more critically in his or her chosen field and to develop an appreciation for the uses of sociological knowledge and techniques. A minimum of 18 semester hours in sociology, including SY 109, are required.
Each student should be advised at least once a year. Upon declaring a major, the student will be assigned a faculty advisor by the department's secretary. A student may also request that a particular faculty member serve as his or her advisor. The advisor will work with the student to plan his or her academic career. Although advisors offer their assistance, each student is responsible for ensuring that major requirements (above) and College of Arts and Sciences requirements are all met.
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