Faculty Personal Pages

Usually colleges maintain a faculty directory or a profile page for each of the faculty members.  Either format can contain links to personal websites maintained by professors.  We do not have regulations at this time for the personal faculty sites except that we suggest you have links to www.southalabama.edu and your University department from your personal site. And, be sure that you are careful not to post confidential materials on your site. See the University's Information Security Policy for additional information. 

Web Services recommends that you continue to maintain your personal site as you currently do but requests that it be linked to your profile for easier access.  Just have it cleared with your department and ask them to update their faculty directory with a link to your site or make the necessary change your profile page to add the link.  Web Services can help you find the appropriate contact for your college if needed.

In order to have a personal faculty site hosted by the University you will need to download and complete the legacy version of the Webmaster Agreement Form.  Otherwise, we recommend the use of Google Sites for building your personal site. This is available as through Google Apps for Education and is associated with your JagMail account so additional credentials are not required.