Quality Enhancement plan
Quality Enhancement Plan

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Ronald A. Styron Jr.
Quality Enhancement Plan Director

    First year data indicates the goals of the project are being met.
    Major findings include:

  • 82% of SLO Critical Thinking Mastery Targets were met.
  • A higher post-test score and statistically significant difference in evaluating,
    analyzing, creating and collaboration constructs as compared to pre-test scores.
  • A higher percentile score for students enrolled in QEP courses as compared to
    students who were not, and a statistically significant difference in all critical thinking constructs found on the California Critical Thinking Skills Test. (Induction,
    Deduction, Analysis, Inference, Evaluation, Interpretation and Explanation.)
  • 50% fewer student withdrawals from QEP courses, and a statistically significant
    difference in withdrawals as compared to non-QEP courses.
  • A statistically significant difference in student grades. (More As and Bs, and
    fewer Ds and Fs in QEP courses as compared to non-QEP courses.)
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